Lgorithm offers an extensive customer support platform with its omnichannel contact center solutions. Omnichannel solutions involve the use of multiple platforms and mediums for customer engagement. Customers today prefer seamless interaction platforms like live chats, emails, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, SMS, calls, and more. These platforms help to promote products and directly enhance sales.

Improve sales with Lgorithm’s omnichannel platforms.

Omnichannel contact center solutions by Lgorithm aid businesses to improve their sales statistics. They also business insights to offer enhances customer service through omnichannel interactions. Enhanced customer interaction improves sales and maintains the customer’s faith in your brand. Lgorithm’s omnichannel services help improve customer services on multiple channels simultaneously. With easily accessible customer information, the customer can get quick and improved solutions within very less time.

Call support

Call support is a famous platform for customer interaction, sales, and promotions. With our extensive omnichannel call center solutions across the USA, Lgorithm’s CRM integrated software offers

  • Integrated call service.
  • Record, track, and analyze call data to improve customer services.
  • Real-time tracking for effective agent utilization.

Email support

Lgorithm offers email interaction across multiple email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. The CRM platform also helps keep track of the entire conversation for easy access during calls. Our extensive IT team also provides custom and priority options with unique ticketing services. The tickets can also be handled on a priority basis and also involves automatic allocation

The channel also offers escalation auto-reply options depending upon the customer queries. The platform also features a custom email reply inventory for agents.

  • The software offers an easy redirection option for priority calls.
  • Auto-reply and escalation for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Automated ticketing system.

Social media support

Lgorithm offer social media support on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, and Instagram. Social media is a powerful and popular tool for product promotion. Therefore, social media support is also prominent. As most customers look for product information on social media, they also expect an answer to their queries on the same platform.

Along with promoting sales, these platforms also offer.

  • Customer reviews and queries.
  • Options to respond to comments, messages, and posts.

Live Chat support.

Lgorithm offers enhanced live chat options on client websites. Customers can quickly get product information and enquire about it on the live chat. The live chat options help to boost sales with personalized customer interactions. The CRM based software also hosts easy follow-up options on live chat support. Live support also reduces the customer hold time.

The Omnichannel solutions help in decreasing customer hold time by diverting queries to the concerned department. These omnichannel services reduce the time required for an agent to switch from one customer with auto-reply messages like greetings. These messages can keep the customer occupied during which an agent is assigned to the chat. Enhanced customer interaction helps to improve business statistics.

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