Lgorithm’s outbound contant center solutions are the need of today’s modern contact centers and enterprises. With our vertical based designed outbound contact centers solutions we commit to ensures highest revenues and productivity by increasing the productivity of your campaigns through increased customer contact, increased prospect to customer conversion and reduced cost per contact.

Dialing Modes

Predictive Dialer Solution

Boost productivity by automatically calling multiple contacts based on estimated agent availability, filtering out no-party-contacts, multiple number dialing features enable agent to dial alternate number of contact based on the dispositions.


Provide agents an opportunity to review contact’s details/information prior dialing a call to customer, also check readiness of agent before dialing any new number


Increase productivity by simultaneously calling multiple contacts when an agent becomes available, filtering out no-party-contacts and unwanted calls


Automatically call individual contacts when an agent becomes available, Provide agents an opportunity to review a contact\’s details/information prior dialing a call to customer

AMD Detection

  • High Answering Machine and Detection.
  • SIT, Fax Tones detection.

Effective Call Management

  • Manual- and automatic number churn and fetch.
  • Intelligent Number penetration.


  • Same agent Call-back.
  • Group Call-back.
  • Request for call back.
  • Time ZONE Alert and Mapping.


  • Customize your CRM on the fly.
  • Inbuilt Computer Telephony interface.

Leads & Campaign Management

  • Manage multiple campaigns.
  • Single unified view of all campaigns.
  • Retry numbers and timeout.
  • Time zone wise calling with multiple numbers.
  • Best Time to Call.

Exclusion And DNC

  • Do-not-call Compliance.
  • Campaign & Media level exclusion.


  • Agent and group Productivity.
  • Sales and performance related.

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